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Ensure your website works for you


Our web development services include all the features you need to deliver a truly engaging user-experience across desk top, tablet and mobile. We plan, design then build and develop using a variety of software: HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, and either PHP or Rails. In other words, we’re professional web developers using up to date knowledge and technology.

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We design, build and develop the two main types of websites that help businesses build a strong online presence:

The Essential Website

  • Giving you a credible presence with well-thought out UX, engaging design and a level of functionality to ensure your website carries out essential tasks (lead generation forms, 1-step data capture, etc)
  • Optimised as standard so you start to build Google recognition from day one, even if driving traffic isn’t a priority


The Enhanced Website

  • Website or portal with the level of customised functionality you need to enable you to manage and process visitors’ needs – be it with information, products or services
  • Providing the kind of support you need to fulfil key objectives: filtering visitors into prospects; processing people through training, personal programmes or applications
  • Sophisticated optimisation to support your wider online activity
  • Discover & Research

    Having a full understanding of the objectives and the expectations of a client forms the foundations for the overall success. Quality time invested here will deliver exponentially at the end of the project.

  • Design & Develop

    Giving visitors to your website a pleasurable experience is vital. Quality, persuasive content presented in a clear and easy to navigate format, embedded with useful and efficient functionality it the key to achieving your goals.

  • Deliver & Deploy

    Smooth and seamless with minimal downtime, users are gracefully taken to your new online home to experience all of the effort that has been put in and you start to be rewarded for the focus and vision that has taken place up to this point.

  • Measure & Improve

    Your website is for life and will need to be regularly monitored and checked to ensure it is delivering the performance levels you expect from it. A maintenance agreement with CBJ takes away the pain involved and lets you enjoy the fruits of your investment in the forms of increased sales, profits and leads.

And this is the kind of functionality we can build:

Membership and password protected areas and portals

  • Comprehensive login management and validation of identity
  • Graded access to content, including purchase and subscription
  • Personalised data upload and retrieval: eg, personal training and exercise plans


Event management

  • Reserving and booking space in calendars
  • Integrating events with social media platforms
  • Managing training courses, and trainers’ assignments and availability
  • Sharing documentation, and / or details of attendees and venues


Online training

  • Onboarding and induction with multiple question levels
  • Progress monitoring and reporting
  • Input ‘data once’ approach – from student files to graduate certification, using despatch software
  • Workshops and 1-2-1 encounters


Libraries and archives

  • Engaging layout – family trees with detailed bios and product subsets
  • Complex search and filter

A successful website does three things: It attracts the right kinds of visitors, guides them to the main services or product you offer and collects contact details for future ongoing relations.

Mohamed Saad


  • Bespoke integrations and intranets for multiple site management (ideal for franchises, schools, etc) to purchase, download and upload
  • Despatch software generating a variety of documentation
  • Fewer clicks-to-purchase, simple sign-up and email reminders to maximise basket completion
  • Detecting and responding to buying signals throughout the customer journey
  • Pricing control and sales promotion activity
  • Integration with shopping feeds and third party reviews


Managing customer data

  • Security data protection (eg GDPR compliance)
  • ‘Input once’ approach for personalisation


Submitting and uploading data

  • Lead generation and complex forms for applications
  • Spec sheets – car sales, holiday lets, time sheets, expenses, etc


Customer journeys

  • UX and ‘known customer behaviour’ to nudge visitors towards relevant action (completing forms, subscribing, setting up accounts, purchasing, etc)
  • Qualifying process (eg postcode) then personalisation


As you can see, the scope of our web development services is very broad. Frankly though, this is barely touching the surface of what we can do because every client has different needs and aspirations.

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Our highly skilled team of developers have on many different projects over more than 25 years bringing them to life, fulfilling the vision as well as the functionality to deliver the expected results. We are proud of every one of them and below are some examples of what we have achieved.