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Holiday & Vehicle Hire

Carefree Campers

Carefree Campers is a family-owned business that provides good quality campervans for people to rent, buy, and hire out through our Campervan Managed Service. Our aim is to make Campervan ownership more affordable by encouraging people to hire them out when they aren’t being used. We connect people that want to hire a campervan with people that own them.

    Carefree Campers on mobile devices
    The Brief

    To develop a website that can offer Campervan for sale and for hire with an online booking facility and the flexibility to expand the functionality to include add-on packages, other services as well as an integrated store selling complementary goods and equipment.

    The Result

    Although the eCommerce aspect of the project was fairly straightforward, the system did require an availability search system and the van specifications which were displayed graphically. The site includes:

    • Full availability search functionality
    • Online booking and deposit payments
    • The ability for add-on packages for upselling
    • Graphical content display of van specifications
    Carefree Campers website
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    Our highly skilled team of developers have on many different projects over more than 25 years bringing them to life, fulfilling the vision as well as the functionality to deliver the expected results. We are proud of every one of them and below are some examples of what we have achieved.