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The approachable web development agency

Welcome to CBJ Digital

A web development agency since 1995, CBJ Digital is based in London and Manchester. Our expertise as web developers, combined with our business acumen, and collaborative approach, deliver great results for our clients. Quite simply, we create websites that work hard and look good.

CBJ Digital – Where Websites Work

The Gait & Posture Centre website shown on a smart phone. The Gait & Posture Centre website shown on a tablet. The Gait & Posture Centre website shown on a desktop.
Where Websites Work

Our Mission

It is our mission to deliver an online presence that works for your company. Initial impressions for visitors are vital in giving your business the edge in competitive markets. We work to ensure you have this edge.

In all projects that we undertake, we look to:

  • Understand the brief – completely
  • Contribute positively to the strategy
  • Execute the plan accurately
  • Exceed expectations on delivery
  • Delight the client – utterly
  • Maintain the relationship
  • Passion

    We are as passionate about our clients’ online presence as we are our own Our passion leads to quality in your online presence.

  • Partnership

    Relationships are key – we work with our clients rather than for them. Without our customers we are nothing and we work best when working with them as a team.

  • Excellence

    A byword for everything we put our hands and minds to. We strive for excellence in everything that we do.

  • Integrity

    Fundamental throughout our work and relationships. We are honest and clear about what can and cannot be done. Dealing with the truth is always the easiest option.

Where Websites Work

Our Strategy

We join forces with our clients, encouraging them to take full advantage of digital technology. Our aim is to make their online presence work for them, instead of ‘making do’ with disconnected or poorly integrated solutions. Once we’ve created the right kind of online presence, we can turn our attention to digital marketing, providing you with a structured level of support. This is an incredibly strong and holistic offer.

All throughout the process, we guide our clients in the right direction, so they have enough knowledge and understanding to remain empowered and engaged. Once everything is running smoothly, CBJ Digital remains on hand to maintain your digital presence and provide development expertise wherever it’s needed.

In our hands, digital technology is a game-changer. Recruitment, sales, training and education, archiving and library services, product sales – just some of the tasks we can delegate to your website.

Where Websites Work

A (good) website will propel a business forward

Generally-speaking, there are two distinct types of website, and we design, build and develop both:

  • Essential: CBJ’s Essential (or ‘brochure’) websites are low on maintenance and high on performance.
  • Enhanced: easily-accessible data, fully integrated memberships, eCommerce areas – CBJ’s Enhanced websites help you achieve your potential – and more.


Essential websites need to play a commercial role, such as reflecting accurately the nature of your business, and doing their bit to reassure (not repel) all visitors. Nurturing prospects to convert their early interest into qualified sales opportunities is the very least an Essential website should be doing for you.

A CBJ Enhanced website uses ‘dynamic’ content to integrate and connect with your business – less tinkering and more functioning. For example:

  • memberships or subscriptions
  • applications
  • services for archivists
  • eCommerce solutions


Basically, CBJ websites can do the ‘heavy lifting’, leaving you and your people to provide the human interaction when it really matters. Then, as you grow and change, so too can your website.

We get a real buzz out of revealing the digital potential of a website to our clients. Being instrumental in them finding their digital mojo so it’s at the heart of their business plans. That sums us up as a web development agency.

  • Web Development

    CBJ Digital has been successfully building websites since 1995. Our expert team will build your new website, eCommerce store or web application from scratch. Combining stunning design with all the functionality you need to achieve your goals.

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  • Digital Marketing

    Having a website is one part of a complex structure of strategies that is needed to effectively promote your business online. CBJ Digital assist businesses in building these strategies, making them efficient and effective to ensure their success

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  • Accessibility

    We believe the internet should be accessible by everybody and we look to build sites for our clients that can achieve that. Coding to WCAG standards we add the correct attributes to each object to ensure they can be understood and used by all visitors to your website.

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  • Environment

    CBJ Digital is passionate about the environment and global warming. The internet, whilst being the lifeblood for our business is a huge user of electricity and power. We currently have over 80% of the websites we manage on servers powered by green energy and expect this number to be 100% by 2023.

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Where Websites Work

This is what CBJ delivers

We’ll give you a clear view on what you can achieve with your website, and how to realise the commercial benefits that your technology and data can deliver. Together we write the brief, working closely together as we journey through each step of the process:

  1. Discover: the first thing we do is understand your requirements and expectations so we can propose the right kind of website for you
  2. Plan: we create (and observe) a realistic schedule that suits everyone’s pace and resources.
  3. Communicate: it’s all about creating the right chemistry between us, and that starts with open, honest and regular communication.
  4. Design: as web developers, design includes a well thought-out user experience (UX) – not just a cool look and feel.
  5. Build: this is where the design and development come together to create a commercially powerful tool.
  6. Deliver: going live with a fast, efficient, accessible, compatible and safe site is just the beginning…
Where Websites Work

How can CBJ help your business deliver through digital?

You know your business and where you want it to be. We understand the capabilities of digital technology. Combined, we are a powerful team of people!

We’d love to hear from you – whether you know what you want your website to achieve, or are interested in exploring the potential of digital for your business. Working with us, you’ll define and achieve your digital needs, so they align with your commercial objectives.

Be Green

Carbon Neutral

We have never been better connected, had as much information available to us at the end of our fingertips or been able to access this information wherever and whenever we wanted to, and all for the price charged by your broadband and mobile phone supplier. Or is it…

In 2020 Google reported that it used a colossal 12.2 TWh of energy within its business in 2019. The majority of which will be used to run its data centres that let you be so connected and have all this wonderful information available to you. Commendably, Google has committed to be 100% Carbon Neutral by 2030 and is already matching 100% of its power usage with renewable energy (it has achieved this for the last 3 years).

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Rain Forest - CBJ Digital
Welcome all visitors equally


The vast majority of visitors to your website will have the benefit of being able to experience the full power of both the internet and the capability of your web development team. This, however, is not the case for everybody…

In 2017 the BBC suggested that the disabled population (which numbered 13.9 million and 19% of working adults) spent over £249 billion pounds a year. Equally a Forbes article from 2016 claims that 71% of disabled people will immediately leave a website that is not accessible.

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See more of our work


Our highly skilled team of developers have on many different projects over more than 25 years bringing them to life, fulfilling the vision as well as the functionality to deliver the expected results. We are proud of every one of them and below are some examples of what we have achieved.