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How to keep business during the Coronavirus Lock-down

Posted by Malcolm Iliff, on 15th April 2020


This is exceptional.  It hardly needs to be said, and it is not just politicians and journalists who have said it already that even for us oldies, the experience we are going through is unique, devastating and exceptionally sad for far too many.  Historians have compared this wretched period with the pre-NHS days of the bubonic plague of 1720.   Nevertheless, as the hosts of the Today programme on Radio 4 say at the end of their slot, ‘the show must go on’ and they follow this with a snippet of music or poetry, hopefully composed and played out to raise the heart.

So what does one do to keep business whilst this is going on?  How should we encourage each other’s hearts.  That is not the same as keeping business going as, for the majority, this is simply impossible.  There is plenty we cannot do – that is clear – and not very helpful.  The other day, I heard from an ex-business colleague whom I have not seen or spoken to for six years.  It really gave me an idea for the starting and finishing point of this blog.

Our most valuable business asset is, as in our personal lives, our relationships. Whether they be extended family, colleagues, suppliers, customers, advisors, shareholders, cold leads, warm leads, ex-clients, LinkedIn contacts, Facebook contacts, Twitter followers and a raft of others – they are special.  So what I suggest is that it is not just a matter of ‘keeping business’ but developing that most valuable element of virtually every business, namely communicating with that extensive population with which we, here in CBJ Digital, and in most other businesses, so often overlook.  

A blog, a Tweet, a comment, an email, a personal message, an invitation to renew, a word of empathy, an observation, a statement that “we are still here!” – those are things that will not only keep business during the Covid-19 lock-down, they are the seedlings that will encourage, develop, grow relationships and even maybe, business, for when this dreadful period of our lives is the stuff of journalistic review.


Let me know what you think.  One day, we may even do business together (if we don’t already!).  Grow those relationships!!  The CBJ Digital family wishes you well. Keep safe!

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