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3 reasons people want to read your blog!

Posted by Malcolm Iliff, on 6th October 2014

To blog or not to blog?

Travel blogs, sports blogs, technology blogs, and blogging blogs. Still you’re left wondering what a blog is and whether you even need one. You’re not alone.

What is a blog?

The term ‘web log’ first popped up in the late ‘90s. It was soon shortened to a brusque ‘blog’. A blog is the antithesis of the secret diary you keep hidden under your bed. It’s online and it’s public. Broadcasting one’s thoughts is now simple. Each time you add an entry to your blog, the most recent entry appears at the top. It’s a digital diary, which even strangers can read.

But why do people choose to reveal their secret thoughts?

Why do bloggers blog?

Blogging used to be something that individuals did. Nowadays, companies blog too. But why did people begin blogging? And could your company benefit from publishing a blog?

There are 3 main reasons why bloggers blog. The clearer you are about your reason for blogging, the more compelling your writing will be. You’ll also find your natural business voice when you have a clear focus.

1. Blogging is cathartic

Many people blog as a form of stress relief. Blogs of this nature may be quite personal, documenting a serious illness or experience that the blogger’s had or been affected by. It’s like being handed someone’s diary. They don’t shy away from their vulnerability. They write the ugly truth. They share a real story with readers who may have shared a similar experience or who want to understand the blogger’s perspective. These blogs are a form of support for the blogger and the reader. They are bursting with honesty.

Blogging for business:

This cathartic process also lends itself to businesses. Perhaps your business has recently had to deal with a really difficult customer or it’s facing problems managing its cash flow. These experiences echo those of other businesses. By openly sharing your business challenges, you demonstrate that you’re human. It highlights that your business can relate to what other businesses are going through. It proves you’re equals. When you are open, your readers (and potential customers) learn to trust you.

2. Blogging allows you to share your opinion

‘All Marketers Are Liars’. So says Seth Godin, author of the book of the same name. Seth shares his opinion daily on his pithy blog (http://sethgodin.typepad.com). He probably doesn’t care much whether you like or share his opinion. Indeed his topics may provoke a strong reaction from readers. The point is that most bloggers are inspired to write by something they have a strong opinion about. And today, bloggers openly encourage their readers to comment. It’s not just the blog’s content that holds value, but the comments of those it has provoked a reaction from. When you post a blog, you share your opinion, but in doing so you learn about the opinions of others. It enriches your own knowledge.

Blogging for business:

Don’t be afraid to be controversial. The topics you choose to blog about demonstrate your business values. They are what make you stand out from your competitors. If your business holds a strong opinion, use that fired-up feeling to generate the first draft of a blog. But make sure you use that energy to positive effect. Like the times you might bash out an email in a temper, save it to your drafts and then revise it before actually sending (or maybe not even send it at all), it’s better to reframe your thoughts into something positive. Unlike cathartic blogging, if you’re sharing your business opinion you do need to consider how your readers will view YOUR business in the light of what you’ve written. So do share your opinion in a blog, but do it in a controlled manner. And do learn from those who comment. What can you learn from them to improve the services your business offers?

3. Blogging helps you educate others

A lot of bloggers are magnanimous. They share their experience and knowledge in order to help and educate others. They’re so knowledgeable and passionate about their subject that they can’t hold back sharing their insights with the world! This is great for the rest of us. We have immediate access to information online that would’ve been harder to come by in the past. And this information is free. These bloggers are generous with their knowledge. They invest their own time in sharing because they simply want to inform. An example of this is a CSS blog on our own site that gets more hits than any other page on the site!

Blogging for business:

Every business has expertise. It makes sense for you to want to share that with your customers. Your team’s expertise is what differentiates you from your competitors. Be generous with your knowledge and share information regularly, because it proves to your customers that you’re an expert in your field. Most buyers research online before they even contact a potential supplier. Your blog on your website is evidence of your credentials. Again, it helps develop trust.

How often should your business blog?

When you blog, you get to set your own publishing schedule. Like most things in life, publishing at regular intervals is likely to produce the best results. Commit to a frequency that is realistic and make it a habit. If you leave a long gap between posts, you’re likely to lose the interest of your readers.

In the technology industry you’d expect companies to be posting every week, but for industries with a slower rate of change, it may be more realistic to publish just once or twice a month.

The essence of blogging

If you have something useful, valuable or educational to share, you will always have an audience. Blogging is a way to demonstrate that your and your employees are informed, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Your content of your blog is unique to your business. And it’s what’s unique about your business that will inspire customers to want to work with you. And, apart from anything else, there’s the added bonus that blogging can be great for increasing your visibility on the web and improving your SEO.

We’d love to hear about your most successful blog posts. Which type got the best reaction and why?

How can we help?

If you’d like CBJ Digital Ltd to help you get a blog up-and-running on your website or you’d like us to help you with editing or creating your blog posts, please contact questions_answered@cbjdigital.com or visit http://www.cbjdigital.com.

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