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Looking for the perfect partner online?

Posted by Malcolm Iliff, on 1st August 2014

Finding the perfect web design agency for you, and your current website, can be a little like dating. 

Hate blind dates?

Thank goodness there’s no need to go on a blind date! Instead you can have a sneaky peek online at lots of different web design agencies, by simply searching on Google and checking out their own websites! Do you like the look of them? What matters more? – youth and good looks, or maturity and experience (are those things even mutually exclusive?!) But let’s not be too hasty and judge solely on appearance. Why not take a look at their background too, and see whether they have similar interests? Is their client portfolio biased towards specific industries, or do they have a wide range of customers? If their website looks respectable, that tells you something about how they treat themselves – and how they’re likely to treat you too. So did they make a good, lasting first impression? Go on! Give them a call or drop them an email.  

Waiting for the phone to ring

You’ve checked them out looks-wise. Now it’s time to find out whether you get on in person. The safest way is to take their call. What kinds of questions do they ask you? Are they listening intently to your answers?  Do they put you at ease?   Are they interested in you? If it’s a one-way street and they just want to tell you all about the amazing fandangling sites they’ve created recently using the latest technological widgets and wizardry, they may not be quite what you’re looking for. You need to feel like they’re hanging on your every word and really want to understand you and your business. 

First-date nerves

Let’s assume that first call went well. How exciting! You’re dying for a chance to meet! Now’s your chance to explain at length what you’re looking to achieve with your website. 

  • What are your business objectives? 
  • Who are your audience personas? 
  • What key messages do you want to share with your visitors?  

And it’s time to let your personality shine through. There’s no need to hold back on your unusual hobbies and passions. That’s what will help make sure your site stand out from all the others! It’s going to be your responsibility to communicate your needs clearly, so that the web design agency understands you better. But they’re equally responsible for asking the right kinds of questions, to draw out your style, to help add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your site.  They want everyone to know how you’re different from the rest!

Ground rules

Once you’ve both discussed and agreed your requirements, every good agency will be transparent about their honourable intentions. Where do things go from here? They’ll be clear about how you’re going to communicate with one another going forward, and how you’ll deal with getting agreement at specific stages of the project. They’ll no doubt ask you to sign some kind of paperwork. Just like prenuptials, this kind of agreement is there to protect you and them and to clarify your joint responsibilities.  

Long distance relations can work too

Whilst it’s always nice to live locally, you don’t have to. Actually, there’s no problem having a long-distance relationship with your web design agency, provided you communicate with one another regularly. You can have your review calls in person, via Skype, Facetime or any other way; whatever works for you both. That’s the beauty of this digital age. You can feel like you’re near, even when you’re far.   

Web-erlasting love

Once your website’s complete, you can share the good news and invite all your friends and colleagues (and lots of strangers) to visit!  But this needn’t spell the end of a beautiful relationship with your web design agency. In time, you’ll probably need to make occasional changes to your site. If you’ve selected a responsible partner, they’ll have provided you with a robust Content Management System, so you’ll be fairly self-sufficient. Like any good relationship, you’ll support one another fully, whilst maintaining your independence. The main question is: Are they reliable? Are they in it for the long-term? You don’t want a one-site fling. You want the perfect partner. You want web-erlasting love. 

What about getting to know us?

And if you like what you see on our website (http://www.cbjdigital.com), we would love to give you a call and discuss your company and vision. You can reach us by email at questions_answered@cbjdigital.com or by phone 01923 826661. 

We’re here to help!

Disclaimer: We’re not matchmakers and unfortunately we can’t help you find a perfect date or soul mate. We might be the soul mate for you and your website but if you’re looking for something more, you may want to try Lynn Hart of Hart to Heart - parties for single, successful and sophisticated people (www.harttoheart.co.uk). If you happen to find your soul mate at one of her lovely events, be sure to share the happy news with us!

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