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Video, Social Media and E-mail

Posted on 6th August 2012

One of the fascinating things about working with CBJ Digital and with the internet for over 17 years is to seeing how the internet has changed since we became involved in it and how it continues to change. What was once considered to be a different industry is now integrated; what was once considered to be different form of communication is now simply an option in the same space.

Video Production

CBJ Digital is now offering video services to complement the web design and development services we already provide.  Video is becoming a significant element in social media, bolstering ones visibility on the web with Search Engine Optimisation, revealing to one’s clients that little bit extra about the products, personalities and services one is providing.  Producing a video can be a lot cheaper than you think.  And it’s not just ‘a video’.  It can be subtitled, translated, optimised with keywords, linked and so on.  Do call us for a chat about the options and how video can help your business proposition.

Social Media Identity Branding and Integration

So far as social media are concerned, have you thought about matching the branding of your social media personalities on Linked In, on YouTube, and so on with your company branding or your website branding?   Again, for SEO purposes these can be invaluable and inexpensive ways of getting that visibility enhanced.  Links to and from your site to Facebook – Like?, Twitter feeds, automatic blog posts, LinkedIn and many other sites will all enhance that Internet ‘presence’. Do let us know if you are interested in discussing the possibilities.

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